The Mitsubishi L200 Lucky is the essence of functionality. It is a perfect solution if we prioritise both great performance and comfort.

The L200 is a well-balanced combination of reliability, power and sophisticated design that will satisfy even the most demanding users.

Mitsubishi L200 Lucky

Mitsubishi L200 Lucky
Mitsubishi L200 Lucky

Expressive body kit

Thanks to a custom-made and sporty body kit, the Mitsubishi L200 Lucky has gained a truly off-road look.‎

Body kit

The expressive lines of the vehicle have been marked with a bespoke body kit. The body kit parts are characterised by top quality, durability and perfect fitting, and have been coated with special paint, providing high resistance against damage.

Mitsubishi L200 Lucky
Mitsubishi L200 Lucky

Dare to stand out

The Mitsubishi L200 Lucky has been tweaked with eye-catching styling stickers, marking its powerful character.‎

Graphic styling stickers

The Lucky is available in various colours and graphic styling versions. Choose the style that expresses your character.

Mitsubishi L200 Lucky
Mitsubishi L200 Lucky

Space and comfort

The comfortable and spacious cabin of the Lucky has been padded with genuine Nappa leather.‎

Mitsubishi L200 Lucky


The car's interior has been meticulously crafted by Carlex Design with the use of top quality materials which meet the highest standards.

Mitsubishi L200 Lucky
Mitsubishi L200 Lucky
Mitsubishi L200 Lucky

Sporty steering wheel

A perfectly shaped sporty steering wheel ensures a comfortable ride and perfect control over the vehicle even in extreme road conditions. It has been trimmed with genuine leather, which makes it pleasant to the touch.

Mitsubishi L200 Lucky

Rally sound

A custom-made exhaust system has been equipped with the Pickup Design Exhaust Sound System which gives the vehicle a true rally character.

Mitsubishi L200 Lucky
Mitsubishi L200 Lucky


The Lucky is a perfect off-road companion, and looks really stylish, thanks to the Pedders lift kit.


Body kit

elements coated with black protective paint:

front bumper

bonnet lip

rear light frames

front arch extensions

rear arch extensions

rear spoiler

rear bumper


18" alloy wheels

All Terrain T/A tyres


exterior graphic styling stickers

Pickup Design emblems

limited edition plaque

Mud flaps

Leather black upholstery by Carlex Design

front leather-trimmed seats

leather rear seats

leather central armrest

leather door inserts

Car floor mats

Steering wheel modification


trimming with black and red leather



Pedders suspension lift kit ca. 30mm

Lazer roof lamp

LED light bar with mounting brackets

Pickup Design V8 Exhaust Sound System


Full size spare wheel


Mitsubishi L200 Lucky
Mitsubishi L200 Lucky

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